Mineralogical Research and Consulting  Kari Kojonen  has been founded in June 2016 for mineralogical  research and consulting in ore exploration  and  geometallurgy in the mining industry starting  from the  native ore  to various  ore concentrates and finally to the  ore tailings.

The aim of the company is to offer cost effective mineralogical research and consulting  service to the customers in the mining industry  on the win/win principle.


We have a long experience  starting in the  1973  in sulfide ore research with the famous  Pechenga and  Outokumpu sulfide ore deposits  (M.Sc. thesis) using  mineralogical research  and applied process mineralogy.  The PhD work was  done  1975-1981 on two  Archean Ni-Cu-PGE deposits in  Suomussalmi greenstone belt, Eastern Finland.  The mineralogical research for the thesis was done at the University of Heidelberg, BRD,  and the University of Helsinki, Finland.

In 1985 the base metal ore exploration continued with the Geological Survey of Finland (GSF), in Kuopio, Central Finland Exploration group,  with  Ni-Cu prospects,  massive Cu-Zn-Pb-Au  sulfide ores  and  Au deposit exploration.  

In 1987 the work continued  in the Ore Mineralogical Research group of the GSF Exploration Department  serving all exploration groups of the GSF in ore mineralogical research projects defining the valuable ore minerals,  their intergrowth textures and their chemical compositions analysed with a scanning electron microscope (SEM) and EDS  and with electron probe micro analyser (EPMA) with WDS analyses. Most of the studies were focused in various kinds of gold deposits including the large Kittilä Suurikuusikko refractory gold deposit and the Pampalo  gold-telluride deposit in Ilomantsi.  

In 1996 the work continued with Ore Deposit Modellingof the Kevitsa Ni-Cu-PGE-Au deposit with   geochemical analyses  and  ore mineralogical research of the drill core samples .  The ore deposit  3D-modelling and reserve estimates are based on the  geochemical analyses of the drill core analyses and  their mineralogical  ore mineral compositions. This led to the opening of the Kevitsa mine, Sodankylä. 

In 2003 a ne project was started  in the Lapland  gold and  PGE-minerals which  were discovered in the heavy mineral fractions of placers. The results pointed out to a PGE-bearing  layered mafic-ultramafic rocks gold bearing  quartz veins  in the  Lemmenjoki-Ivalonjoki area. 

In 2013  the Ni-Cu depost exploration  continued   in the Southern Finland with  diamond core  drilling at the  Särkisuo  Ni-Cu sulfide  deposit in the  Tammela  commun  near the city of  Forssa.  The drillings totalling   1954 m revealed a subeconomic Ni-Cu deposit down to 260 m depth. The  drillings were  unfortunately stopped in 2015  although  the  petrological  and  mineralogical indications ( depletion of Ni in the olivine  microprobe analyses),  pointed  to  a deeper seated massive  Ni-Cu sulfide deposit.  


we are  specialized  in :

  •  Noble metal (Au, Ag, PGE)  deposits  mineralogical research  to   define their mineralogy, grain size distribution and intergrowth patterns  including invisible gold and PGE in the sulfides and arsenides, and  gold grains liberation, 
  • Heavy Au-PGE mineral studies  in placers,
  • The (Cr, Ti, V, W, Fe)  oxide or deposits  and their  intergrowth textures  to define an optimal mineral processing method for them, 
  • Ni-Cu sulfide  ore  minerals   and  associated  PGE-minerals in mafic-ultramafic intrusions,
  • Cu-Zn-Ni-Co-Sn-Au  massive   sulfide  ore deposits in the Outokumpu district
  • Cu-Pb-Zn-Ag-Au type polymetallic  sulfide deposits , their ore mineral compositions and   mineral textures in the southern and central Finland,  
  • Characterizing new ore mineral phases   discovered  during  exploration  and mining of  ore deposits.