Methods of study


The instruments used in our  research  labs in collaboration:

  • Optical polarising microscope ( see figure) steromicroscope  and digital cameras, image analysis
  • Scanning Electron Microscopes SEM with EDS analysis
  • Electron Probe Micro Analyser EPMA with WDS analysis
  • Mikro LA-MS-ICP  for trace  PGE and Au analyses
  •  X-ray diffraction  (XRD) analyser for mineral identication  and crystal structure  determination, quantitative mineral analysis,
  • Reflectance measurement and microhardness  (VHN) determination instruments for new mineral physical characterisation,
  •  X-ray fluoresence  (XRF) analyzer for chemical analysis of rocks and ore samples,
  • AAS and ICP  wet chemical analyses for ore samples,
  • Low Vacuum SEM analyses for  Environmental mineral samples
  • Mineral Liberation Analysis MLA for process mineralogy and  automatic mineral point counting (mineral  volume percentages)